277V PAR16

Date:2017年10月19日 15:33
Some days ago, a customer came to us and asked if we could do 277V PAR16. He said he had searched for a while but failed.
The diffculty was to find the most compact driver which can be put into the housing of the PAR16. Of course, the driver need be able to work on 277V. Luckily we found a suitable supplier quickly. So the customer's order was executed.
In addition, the customer required the PAR16 was 7W. The housing should have execellent dissipation. We also found an experienced supplier. With his housing, we made a sample and measured temperature of surface of the sample after it worked for one night. Thesurface temperature was less than 60 ℃.
On the other hand, we used Citizen COB LED (Nichia chip) on the lamp.
The part no for the PAR16 is JHB-PAR16-7. You can find it by the number in our website.

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