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  • Product name: LED aquarium light with remote control
  • Product number: JHB-F04-01B-72X3W
  • Added time: 2016-04-21
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1.154W, size: 1150*200*30mm,

2.AC85~265V, PAR: 480umol/0.5m, 180umol/1m, 72PCS 1W LED's.

3.White(12000K)/Blue(440nm)=1:1 or White(12000K):Blue:Red:Green=10:10:2:2 or customized.

4.illuminance: 26100lux/0.5m, 11100lux/1m, lighted area: 2.1㎡/0.5m,   4.8 ㎡/1m. 5.dimmable, programmable.

6.remote control. 

7.three year warranty.


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