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How to fix the MR16 two pins

Date:2017-10-19 16:18
As an LED light assembler, we are often confronted with a type of structure problem: some part is smaller or bigger than we need.
Recently we need produce a batch of 5W RGB MR16. We bought samples of all components from suppliers. We were a little supprised that the MR16 driver was too short and it was impossible to tightly fix the two pins of the driver on the housing. The driver need have right length so that the bottom of the heat sink can block the driver.
(In this case, the glue was not suitable to fix the driver and its two pins.)
Of course, the driver should not be too longer. Otherwise, the driver is impossible to be put in the MR16.
So, how to "increase" the length of the driver? our engineers worked a fantasy solution and most importantly, there was hardly cost rise (slightly cost rise) and it was very easy to realize it.
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